The Cloud Platform for Geospatial Data Analytics

The geospatial analytics platform trusted in production, at scale, 
from the original creators of Apache Sedona

End-to-End Geospatial Data Pipeline Development Tool

Geospatial Data Science Acceleration

Hassle-free tool to develop, debug, and test geospatial data science, machine learning, AI and analytics applications

Cloud-Integrated Geospatial pipeline

Deploy your developed geospatial data program with major cloud data services such as Databricks, Snowflake, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

Geospatial Data Stack Versatility

Develop your geospatial data stack using 

Spatial Python, Spatial SQL and integrate your code with popular data tools such as Spark, Flink, Hadoop, or PostgreSQL.

Fully Managed Spatial Data Pipeline

Run your geospatial data analytics application on massive data with fully managed in-situ spatial data partitioning, indexing, and tuning

We are the original creators of Apache Sedona



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How Wherobots Works

1. Connect

Connect your Wherobots account to the cloud database where the data is stored using our SaaS web interface

2. Develop

Develop  your geospatial data science, machine learning or analytics application using Sedona Developer Tool

3. Deploy

Schedule automatic deployment of  your geospatial pipeline to the cloud data platform and monitor the performance in Wherobots