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What is Spatial Data Analytics?

Hundreds of millions use their mobile devices on a daily basis to access their healthcare information and bank accounts, interact with friends, buy stuff online, search interesting places to visit on-the-go, ask for driving directions, and more. In consequence, everything we do leaves breadcrumbs of geospatial digital traces that organizations constantly collect. Spatial data analytics focuses on managing, processing, and driving insights from geospatial data to benefit use cases in industries like logistics, location-based adtech, and automotive...

What is Apache Sedona?

Sedona (named after the beautiful town in Arizona) is an open source developer tool for easy processing of geospatial data at any scale with Spatial SQL, Spatial Python, and RSpatial. With Sedona, users can easily develop their geospatial data analytics pipeline and scale it to work with large volumes of geospatial data

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