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Product Offerings

 Wherobots enables users  to develop and deploy scalable spatial data analytics and AI pipelines in the cloud. That provides enterprise-scale spatial data infrastructure for myriad applications like automotive, logistics, supply chain, insurance, real estate, agriculture tech, climate tech and more. 

Open Source Apache Sedona

Develop your geospatial data stack using 

Spatial Python, Spatial SQL and integrate your code with popular data tools such as Spark, Flink, Hadoop, or PostgreSQL.

Wherobots Compute & AI Engine 

Same API as Apache Sedona, plus

  • No-Code Deployment on the Customer’s cloud platform of choice

  • 10X Faster Spatial Processing Operations

  • Library for Scalable Spatial Machine Learning

  • Scalable Processing of Map and Road Network Data

  • Spatial Data Usage Dashboard

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