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Enable  every organization to extract business value from data via spatial location and time.


Democratize the development and deployment of the geospatial data processing and analytics stack


Late 2017, Jia and Mo released the first version of (back-then named) GeoSpark. The system extended Apache Spark to support geospatial data processing capabilities. In less than two years, the software gained a lot of traction and was being used in operational production for a plethora of geospatial use cases. In 2020, GeoSpark entered the Apache Software Foundation incubation program and has been renamed Apache Sedona since then. The system now provides support for both Spark and Flink as well as enable users to develop their geospatial data processing programs using Spatial SQL, Python and RSpatial.

In 2022, we started the company to enable every organization to unleash the potential of their data using spatiotemporal context-enriched analytics in Sedona. Our product enables users to easily develop, test, and deploy in-situ geospatial data stack in the cloud or on-prem. Our users do not have to worry about the hassle of cloud administration, workload scalability,  and geospatial processing support / optimization. 

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